New England International Auto Show


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*Volkswagen will offer an additional $500 Auto Show Bonus Coupon to eligible customers who purchase or lease new, unused MY13 or MY14 Volkswagen. Eligible customers are those that attend one of the eligible Auto Shows during the program period and complete a “hand-raiser” form with one of the on-site VW Product Specialists. These customers will receive a $500 Auto Show Bonus Coupon email certificate one day after their Auto Show attendance and the submission of the hand-raiser form. The certificate will contain a unique identifier code as well as an expiration date that is set 60 days after the auto show’s end date. Eligible customers will receive a one-time use certificate that can be used by either the Auto Show attendee or a family member living within the same household. This offer is not transferable to anyone else and only one certificate may be used with each purchase/lease. This offer may not be combined with any Conquest, Loyalty, Dealership Employee Lease, or Fleet programs. The incentive will be applied to the lease or purchase, and will be paid directly to the dealer and requires dealer participation.


Beetle Convertible….first drive

[courtesy of: VWVORTEX.COM]

Almost 565,000 Beetle Convertibles have been built over the last 40 years – 234,000 of those were New Beetle Convertibles alone. Few automotive icons are as recognizable as the Beetle Convertible and this newest version is no exception. It still draws people to it wherever it goes with lots of people taking cell phone pics of their friends next to it and people approaching us with their Beetle stories. We spent the day driving the new Beetle Convertible around the Los Angeles and Malibu area and came away impressed.

Typically when you remove the roof from an automobile, you end up compromising the main structure of the car. This forces engineers to come up with creative solutions to try and bring the rigidity back into the chassis. Volkswagen used ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel in two key locations – the thicker A-pillars on either side of the windshield and in the B-pillars just to the rear of each door. Combined with other key high-strength steel cross members, cross plates and heel plates, this new Beetle Convertible is more than 20% stiffer than the old New Beetle Convertible. One of the first things every journalist looks for in a new convertible is how much vibration and flex occurs – usually manifesting itself in cowl shake near the A-pillars and in the steering column. Truthfully, some convertible models are downright terrible in this regard as adding things like hot-formed high-strength steel is both costly and time consuming during production. So this new Beetle Convertible is quite good when it comes to chassis flex (or the lack thereof) with hardly a vibration felt in the A-pillars or through the steering wheel. Is it as stiff as the hardtop coupe? No, but we’ve yet to drive any convertible that pulls that off and this Beetle Convertible ranks up there as one of the best.

You can read the full write-up here at VWVORTEX.COM