ATTENTION OWNERS OF 2001 – 2008 Volkswagens: Voluntary Emissions Service Action – Ignition Coils

What is the problem?
Vehicles affected by this action may have ignition coils that could malfunction under certain conditions. If this happens, the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will illuminate to let you know that the vehicle may experience some deterioration in performance. Please refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for additional information when the MIL comes on, and if necessary, you should take your vehicle to the nearest authorized Volkswagen dealer for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible. In some cases, a malfunctioning ignition coil may cause a vehicle to exceed Federal and/or California/Provincial emissions standards.

What is the repair?
Colonial Volkswagen will inspect and, as necessary, replace the ignition coils in affected vehicles. This work will be performed at no cost to you.

Reimbursement for Prior Coil Replacement
If you paid for ignition coil replacement prior to this program, please apply for reimbursement via First-Class mail. Simply click on the link below to view and print the required form. It provides you with the terms for reimbursement and simple instructions on how to apply. We will be pleased to receive your reimbursement request.

Customers who receive reimbursement will still be eligible for the inspection and, if necessary, installation of new ignition coils in their vehicles once parts become available.

Download printable Reimbursement Form

For more information regarding this program, and to find out when your vehicle will be eligible for inspection, please visit: vwcoils.com

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