After running numerous polls in our forums, campaigning endlessly to try and convince VW to offer the Golf R here and all the behind the scenes negotiations that took place at Volkswagen of America we finally have good news – the Golf R is coming to America. 

Volkswagen of America announced today that it will offer the 260hp, all-wheel-drive Golf R in both two-door *and* four-door (yeah!) configurations starting 4th quarter of 2011. A six-speed manual transmission will be the only transmission offered in our market. We expect the Golf R to be available in two trim levels, both well equipped. All cars will have Climatronic and leather seating standard. The seats will be the top sport seats with “R” logos embroidered on the headrests (see photo below). The higher trim level will offer RNS-310 navigation, Dynaudio sound system, a sunroof and Kessy keyless start. Volkswagen is holding off on pricing announcements till closer to launch in 4th quarter of 2011. We expect pricing to start below $34k though so long as the dollar and Euro don’t get more out of wack.

This has been a very long project that a few key people at Volkswagen of America and Germany worked hard to make happen. For the first time the Golf R will be available in both 2-door and 4-door variations in our market. Certifying two different transmissions would have been costly and drove the price up further, so the decision was made to stick with the six-speed manual. Colors will be announced later with pricing. Until then, Volkswagen of Germany is tooling things up to prepare for production next year and we’ll wait patiently (yeah right) till we hear more. 

And there was much rejoicing…

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